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Holiday 2023

December 3, 2023


Urban Craftsman Home Services 

Intralife Consulting

Steven McGilbray at Guaranteed Rate

Ann Bennett with Bennett Home Mortgage

Bonck & Baker Mortgage Group

Clint Simon - Sherlock Spec Home Inspections

Sean Dezell - Apple Movers

Trey Seiter - VCS Construction

JG Hollins - Acres Place Development

April 7, 2023

Crawfish Boil


Platinum Sponsor, New City Mortgage: Chris Bonin

Platinum Sponsor, Revolution Mortgage: Zach Wolf

Platinum Sponsor, Bennett Home Mortgage: Ann Bennett

Platinum Sponsor, JG Hollins - Acres Place Development

Purple Sponsor, Houston Inspections, Shawn Emerick

Purple Sponsor, Sherlock Home Inspections, Clint Simon


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